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A simple and efficient method to page through hundred or even thousands of recordset result.
Author: Phil Williams

ColdFusion Discussions may be the most user friendly and useful site available to ColdFusion application developers of all experience levels. It certainly contains one of the most comprehensive collections of ColdFusion tutorials available on the world wide web, starting with an explanation of what ColdFusion is and does.

Tutorials are ranked beginner, intermediate, and expert. The rankings are important, because they indicate the level of expertise required to understand the tutorial. The quality of each tutorial is ranked by users, who are able to rate the tutorial on line; this rating gives some indication of how easy the tutorial is to understand and to incorporate into applications, and how useful other application developers have found the procedures described.

Whether the ColdFusion programmer is wondering how to alternate row colours in a table, add a news feed to a web site, put a calculator on a page, create a shopping cart, secure an application, or validate form entries, this site can help. Moreover, the tutorials are not mere descriptions of what to do; actual script is provided which can be adapted to fit the user’s own applications.

There is also a forum for discussion of individual problems where developers can post their questions or even their scripts and tap into the experience of other programmers.

No ColdFusion site would be complete without a list of ColdFusion tags and functions. EasyCFM has those lists along with a short description, syntax, and link to the Macromedia site for further information.

A list of sql reserved words, links to other ColdFusion sites, and product reviews round out the site.

Navigation is simple: principal links are across the top and bottom of each page. The user can search for words or select from lists to find the right Tutorial. EasyCFM is simple, functional, and a must for every ColdFusion developer’s favourites list., 09/13/2009

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